Seasonal Tire Storage Can Prevent Damage from Badly Stored Tires

Posted May 11th 2016

Canada is associated with harsh winters and milder summers and it’s a wise idea for local car owners to invest in seasonal tires as opposed to all season tires. Seasonal tires (that includes winter tires and summer tires) provide better traction and enhanced safety. But what do you do with the winter tires when you switch to summer tires or vice versa? 

It can be frustrating to find that your winter tires are damaged during the long months of storage! The best way forward is to consult reliable tire repair professionals in your area and ask them for expert advice and recommendations. After all, tires are an expensive investment and it makes sense to store them carefully so that they are ready for future use.

Regular tire repair maintenance and check-ups help minimize the possibility of experiencing breakdowns in some remote area, far away from reliable Edmonton tire shops. In addition, it’s fair to assume that a well-maintained vehicle is less likely to incur expensive repairs.

Customers can choose from a comprehensive range of car repair services. There are options available for affordable car maintenance: You can choose from a basic checkup or opt for a complete overhaul of your vehicle. 

Ideally seasonal tire storage involves a cool, clean, and dry environment, which can help prolong its life. Although tires are designed to withstand the effects of sunlight and water, it’s better to minimize exposure to these elements when you store the tires. Most car owners in the Edmonton area prefer investing in summer or spring tires in order to maximize vehicle performance. Hence, it’s time to store your winter tires away carefully during the warmer months. Visit a trustworthy tire shop to get useful information and tips in regard to tire repair and storage.