Why You Should Avoid Buying Tires Online in Canada

Posted February 05th 2015

Buying tires online is convenient as you can have them shipped to your home and get great deals. But there are many issues with buying tires online in Canada. Let’s look at why you should avoid buying tires online:

Inability to Check Tire Quality Physically

One of the biggest issues with buying tires online in Canada is you cannot check the quality. You cannot be sure of the material used in a tire until you feel it by hand. Moreover, you will not be able to judge the build quality of the tire. The only way you can be sure of the build quality of a tire is if you are buying from a renowned manufacturer or someone you trust. However, this is something that should not be left to chance and it is best to purchase tires at a physical store where you can check the tires yourself.

No Installation Facility When Buying Tires Online In Canada

Online stores can only ship the tires to you. They will not provide complimentary services. On the other hand, if you purchase tires at a physical store, you can make use of installation services as well. Even if the installation services are not free, you are likely to get a discount. If you are buying tires online in Canada, you will need to spend extra on installation.

Difficulty in Claiming Warranties

If you buy from a physical store, you can always go down to the store should you have any problems with the tires. But if you buy tires online in Canada, you will have to ship the tires to the vendor. Once the vendor verifies the issue, they will send a replacement to you. It can take between 15 days to a month to get a replacement set of tires. Of course, you will have to spend extra for shipping as well. So, it is best to stick to physical retail stores when it comes to buying tires.

Now that you know why tires should not be bought from online stores, you can make an informed decision.