Edmonton Tire Rotation Facts and Tips

Posted March 02nd 2016

Edmonton tires benefit from regular tire rotation. Tires are probably the single-most expensive component on your vehicle. Therefore, itâs natural that we would wish to preserve and maintain vehicle tires in the best way.

Tire rotation refers to the process of moving tires from one wheel to another, exchanging front and rear tires and including diagonal rotation (exchanging the right rear tire with the left front one etc). The process is intended to address the issue of uneven and premature tire wear using a quick and easy method. Most tire shop professionals recommend front-rear tire rotation on the same side to ensure longevity of Edmonton tires.

All season tires experience uneven wear. The front tires, for example, experience more wear on the outside edges because they lean over when we turn corners.

On the other hand, rear tires experience less wear because they simply follow the front tires. Hence, front tires tend to wear out much sooner compared to rear tires and require early repair or replacement. Rotating tires keeps them from premature and uneven wear and helps extend their life-span. Tire rotation also helps you save on costs (of tire replacement and repair) and allows for a more comfortable ride.

Benefits of Tire Rotation

  • When all four tires experience even wear, they tend to respond more quickly while stopping, turning, braking and so on.
  • Drivers may experience improved performance benefits
  • Regularly rotated tires offer better traction and therefore improved safety
  • Rotation of tires improves balance and you can drive around corners better than before

Most tire warranty contracts stipulate tire rotation methods. They recommend that tires should be ideally rotated between 3,000 to 6,000 miles. You can also consider combining tire rotation along with oil change (that should be done after every 5,000 miles) at reliable Edmonton tire shops.