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01June 2016

Confused between Brands and Sizes? Let Us Help

Choosing the most suitable tire may be a difficult task without the assistance and guidance of professional car repair experts.

25May 2016

Looking for Reliable All Season Tires? Visit a Trusted Auto Repair Shop

With all season tires, you do not have to change the vehicle tires twice a year.

18May 2016

Get the Best Price for Top of the Range Summer Tires

Summer tires can help maximize your car performance and handling during spring and summer months.

11May 2016

Seasonal Tire Storage Can Prevent Damage from Badly Stored Tires

Tires are an expensive investment and it makes sense to store them carefully so that they are ready for future use.

04May 2016

Reliable Tire Dealers can help you get the best deal on Spring & Summer Tires

Inexperienced and poor car servicing can result in unresolved tire repair issues that may trigger additional problems.

27April 2016

Opt for a Spring and Summer Tune up at a Reputable Tire Repair Shop

Seasonal vehicle maintenance is a top priority for car owners who value their time and money.

20April 2016

Bad Wheel Alignment causing Fuel Wastage? Get Reliable Car Maintenance Services

Why undertake the additional stress of handling car repair problems on your own? There is competent and reliable assistance close at hand.

13April 2016

Car Air Conditioning Repair Tips from Top Service Professionals

A car air conditioner is normally considered efficient if it is able to cool the inside of a car to about 10 degrees less than the ambient air temperature.

06April 2016

Avoid Steep Breakdown Costs: Tire Maintenance Tips can save you Money!

It’s important to understand that the layman cannot identify under-inflated tires simply by looking at them.

30March 2016

Nervous of Vehicle Breakdowns and Steep Bills? Invest in Reliable Spring Tires

After the cold temperatures during the harsh winter months pressure can reduce in all the tires, including the spare tire.

23March 2016

Useful Tips and Strategies for Spring Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping up with spring vehicle maintenance can help extend the life-span of steeply priced vehicle components.

16March 2016

Tire Jargon and Terminology: How to Interpret Tire Sidewall Markings

Understanding the meaning of the symbols and alphabets helps you invest in the right Edmonton tires for your car.

14March 2016

Edmonton Truck Tire Safety Tips for Drivers

If a truck driver happens to run over a piece of debris or hits something on the road, he should consider stopping and checking the truck tires for damage.

09March 2016

Winter Driving Tips and Strategies for Improved Safety

The very first key step towards maintaining safety is to have your vehicle professionally inspected at a top Edmonton tire shop for damage and wear.

07March 2016

Tips to Use Winter Tires: What Every Motorist Should Know About Winter Tires

High quality Edmonton winter tires are also good to use on cold and wet, but snow-free roads.